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Tiffany Houghton


Tiffany Hangs Out With Fans at One Direction Show |

As a part of the Fahlo family, Tiffany got to connect with her fellow fan girls at a One Direction concert!! After her performance at KIIS FM’s ‘Picnic In The Park,’ Tiff & 2 fans went to the One Direction concert together, thanks to a contest through the Fahlo App. Join Tiffany’s fan club on the Fahlo app for contests & other exclusive content! Download HERE!


Calling all TifFANies! |

Calling all TifFANies!! Tiffany just teamed up with Fahlo to show her biggest fans exclusive content and get you into Tiffany’s world!! Download the App and join her new fanclub HERE!


I remember sitting on the chilled concrete sidewalk… |

I remember sitting on the chilled concrete sidewalk with my 1st grade class when my very favorite teacher, Ms. Barnes, left us to step inside “for a moment.” By the tone in her voice I just knew something wasn’t right. A couple minutes went by and I couldn’t help myself. I wanted to go find Ms. Barnes. So disregarding her request, I went inside. It didn’t take me long. I walked into the building to find my strong and beautiful teacher sobbing all alone in an empty hallway. I was horrified, I had never seen a grown up show signs of such sadness. She looked up to see me and didn’t turn me away when I sat next to her and asked her what was wrong.
Now looking back I am surprised she told such a small girl, so blatantly, of something so terrible… but I am glad she did. I will never forget the pain in her eyes as she told me of the brother that she lost that morning. I remember the tears welling up in my own eyes as she explained the events of 9/11 to me.
Ms. Barnes was only one of millions of people to lose a loved one that day, and I am only one of an entire population to feel its effects. My 7 year old eyes cried a different kind of tears for the first time that day, and I will never forget feeling such pain for another person. Now, 13 years later, I can say that I will always remember every detail from that horrific day in history – as can so many others.
It is my hope that we can all take a couple moments out of our crazy lives today to reach out to someone who suffered a loss. Let them know you are thinking of them and that you are sending your love their way. We are not alone in this. Let us all outstretch our arms in love for one another on this day and let us never forget 9/11. God bless America.



Tiffany Talks With Bustle |

Tiffany talked with Bustle about her childhood dreams, believing in yourself, and not wanting the best for your ex. Read it now!