Tiffany Houghton


Tiffany celebrates #BeKindToAnimals Week! |


Tiffany hanging out with her new friend #HappyTheDog! They partied last night with Sweety High, the American Humane Association, and Hallmark Channel’s Happy the Cat #BeKindToAnimals Week! #Kindness100



Tiffany’s Wishes 2014 |

Tiffany’s Wishes came back for a second year and we had such a blast granting 10 wishes during the Christmas season. See below for a complete list of wishes granted this year!

1. Mary Beth from Florida wished that Tiffany would support her friend, Sydney, who is recovering from brain and spinal cord cancer. Tiffany contributes to Sydney’s medical fund and urged her fans to do the same.
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2. Tiffany is sending Jenna from Akron, OH her homemade crownies for her and her college friends!

3. Ashley in Covington, Indiana is getting a matching necklace with Tiffany!

4. Abby from Sacramento, CA will get autographed Tiff merch!

5. Rachel from Easton, CT will be receiving a personalized Tiffany ornament!

6. Tiffany is granting Briana from Evansville, IN’s wish and taking her on a digital styling spree for some new swag in the new year!

7. Amanda & Danielle in Connecticut wished to hang with Tiff in NYC, so she’ll be taking them to a few of her fave NYC spots next time she’s in the city! Serendipity anyone?

8. Ashley in Alabama is getting her Christmas wish and collaborating on music with Tiffany! Tiff will hang with Ashley next time she’s in Nashville and they’ll work on one of those famous TH cover song videos together!!

9. Cindy from Iowa is getting her own Skype session with Tiff in the new year which is sure to be full of TH surprises and sprinkled with Tiffany’s personal touch!