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My Seaside Faves!

I had been itching to travel to Seaside, Florida for a while now and was thrilled when we planned the trip last Fall!

There is so much to love about 30A - the beaches, the shopping, and the food. It is such a quaint little area, with some of the kindest people. I've visited Florida twice in the last 2 years and the people there are truly so kind, warm and welcoming.

I am so excited to share all of my 30A recommendations with you! If there is anywhere I didn't get to check out, please leave your recommendations in the comments below so I can check those out next time I visit Seaside!


We did a lot of biking in and around Water Color and Seaside. It is so fun to rent and ride bikes in and around the quaint little town. We loved shopping in Seaside and in Rosemary Beach (which I'll share more on in the next section). We had a lot of fun doing beach walks each night and enjoying the beautiful haze of the clouds over the sunsets. Also, there were so many crabs! Lots of people were out on the beach at night with little shovels and nets

chasing the crabs around. Great fun if you have littles coming along with you on your trip!

Seaside also had the cutest Farmer's Market that I hear happens pretty often. I tasted a jalapeño pickle for the first time and LOVED it! There were also movies on the lawn out in the main town square, as well as a few live shows that included music & plays (we watched a play of King Arthur). The little kids visiting seemed to love it! Made me want to come back in a few years when Adam & I have our own little kiddos!

Another thing we enjoyed on our trip was the Croquet lawn & set they had available to Seaside visitors. There were also tennis courts, a playground, a pool, and a workout room all available to guests. We loved walking around and picking out which houses were our favorite and dreaming of what pastel colors we would paint ours if we had a beach house!


We ate some SERIOUSLY delicious food while we were there! Here's what I recommend, in no particular order.

  • Perfect Pig - I spilled BBQ sauce all over Adam here, you guys! But the ribs were delish, and you've gotta love the "Praise The Lard" sign they have inside! 😂

  • Dough Sea Dough Doughnuts - Very cute donut shop! We got there after the breakfast crowd, so there were less options, but my favorite was the cherry iced donut. I thought I would love the Fruit Loops or Fruity Pebbles one most, but the cereal seemed to be just a touch stale. They are made fresh daily, I just think we got some that had been sitting out for a couple hours.

  • Pickles - Must. Have. The. Onion. Rings! I'm usually a french fry kinda girl, but these onion rings definitely were one of the best things I ate on the trip. I also highly recommend the Oreo malt. SO good.

  • The Shrimp Shack - The seafood here was so fresh, everything is grilled, and nothing is fried, so definitely a great option if you're looking for a healthier meal!

  • Great Southern Cafe - My favorite dish of the week came from this restaurant! The "Grits A Ya Ya" was incredible. When we go back I will just go ahead and order 10 orders of it for everyone at the table. Also, did you catch my stories when we ate here?! My dad ordered frog legs!! I tried them, and while the sauce that came with them was amazing, I couldn't quite get past that I was eating a frog. As for my dad, he loved them.

  • Crepes De Soleil - We got crepes here a few times and LOVED them! I would definitely recommend the Cordon Bleu!

  • Cafe 30A - This place was delish, but it took a LONG time for our food to come. I really liked the Lobster Mac & Cheese!

All in all if I had to pick my VERY favorite dish we ate it would be the "Grits A Ya Ya" (the grits and shrimp dish) from Great Southern Cafe. It's an absolute must!! As for my VERY favorite dessert, I would go with the Oreo Malt at Pickles.


I found some amazing pieces when I was in Seaside! The boutiques are all well curated and carry unique brands and darling one-of-a-kinds! A few places I loved shopping at were:

Here are some of the darling things I found at those boutiques! I went ahead and pulled links so you can still shop even if you're not visiting 30A!

I got SO many compliments on my cover up, I have it linked for you below!


Shop the sunnies I am wearing HERE:


I received tons of questions regarding where we stayed during our time in Seaside. While the house we stayed in was adorable, I wouldn't feel comfortable recommending it for a few reasons I'm going to skip over so as to just focus on what I loved about our trip! That being said, I did some digging to find you guys some other options for rentals in 30A! I have not personally stayed in these, but they look to be amazing!


Next time you go back, you must go to the Old Florida Fishhouse!! The ambiance is amazing. The sushi was delicious!! I think our trips might have overlapped. Love 30A!! 🏖🏖


Thank you Tiffany! So so happy you had such a lovely vacation with those you love! Excuse my ignorance, but what is 30A? 💕

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