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Welcome to the LOVE CODE! In case you missed it, I started a fun series over on my Instagram where we are putting the Matchmaker formula to the ultimate test. We have 6 strangers, 3 matches, and 2 days to figure out if love can be figured out by a software. All 6 of our contestants are here with us in Deer Valley where they will go on a series of dates to try to figure out which they have been matched with the Matchmaker survey. Will they figure out their match or will a connection start with someone else? We are going to find out!

These are our 6 contestants! Remember — we know who their match is, but they don’t know just yet! They will be going on dates with one another to get to know everyone to see if they’re able to guess!

If you’d like to keep up with the LOVE CODE and find out who is matched with who, be sure to check out my Instagram page. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE SERIES!

FAQ about The Love Code

Q: How and when can I watch?

A: All episodes are released / going to be released on my Instagram! Turn on my post notifications so you can be notified when I post and you don’t miss an episode!

Q: Is it only for young adults?

A: Currently, the Matchmaker survey is only available at UVU and BYU, so the applicants are all college aged students! They are working hard to expand the survey into other schools, so in the future, we would love to host another series that would be open to more individuals!

Q: What happens if they don’t choose their match?

A: That’s what we are testing! We are testing to see how well the formula works. If a connection is made outside of their match, we will let it happen! The ultimate goal is for the contestants to find a partner, whether it be their match or someone else!

Q: Were applications announced on your Instagram?

A: They were only announced on Matchmaker‘s Instagram account. This is because the application was only open to the schools that they partner with! After applications were submitted, we went through the match list and interviewed potential contestants!

Q: Did they know their matches at the beginning?

A: They did not! We knew who they were matched with, but they spent the weekend exploring potential connections!


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