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The Productivity Factors of HRM

This article contains the productivity factors of HRM:

Know about productivity Competitive advantages of productivity Productivity enhancement Productivity decline Improve labor productivity Methodology

The article had been made by using descriptive analysis. The information’s are gathered from different sources, papers, and websites and analyzed among us and presented. We at pay for homework have also included our own findings and Analysis and recommendations along with a conclusion.

Sources of Data

We have used secondary data which we have collected from internet, foreign reports, class lecture, and notes and from various news websites.

Human Resource Management

Effective HRM enables employees to contribute effectively and productively to the overall company direction and the accomplishment of the organization’s goals and objective

Productivity Productivity means output, efficiency, production etc. According to answer finder productivity is that positive constant energy which leads to take practical steps to achieve one goal after another. It starts with taking a simple step of action, and focusing on task at hand until completes it. Productivity comes naturally when excited about something, but may be harder to come when bored or did not like a task. Therefore, productivity can sometimes be taken as a measure of how passionate about the task.

Productivity is calculated by dividing average output per period by the total costs incurred or resources (capital, energy, material, and workforce) consumed in that period. Productivity is a critical determinant of cost efficiency. Productivity successful project management organization create surplus through productive output.


Productivity is output input agreement on consideration “quality and time”.

Productivity = Outputs (Time /Quality) Inputs

White-Collar Productivity:

White Collar workers are Executive, Top level managers, Administrative etc.

Examples of White Collar problems:

Poor staffing Inadequate communication Unproductive meeting and telephone conversations Poor scheduling Slack start and quiet times Lack of communication between function Information overload

Competitive Advantage

Competitive advantage is defined as the strategic advantage one business entity has over its rival entities within its competitive industry. Achieving competitive advantage strengthens and positions a business better within the business environment, Continuous Improvement to their productivity – foundation of Competitive Advantage.

Raise Productivity to achieve and improve Competitive Advantage

Time/Work Processes- Work in process inventory includes the set at large of unfinished items for products in a production process. These items are not yet completed but either just being made-up or waiting in a queue for further processing or in bumper storage.

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