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A few carefully chosen plants can transform any concrete pool into a tropical oasis.

The plants that thrive around pools will thrive in a humid environment. Nearly all the plants on this list can be grown in containers and are full-sun. A few suggestions for plants that love part-shade have been included, as well as some tropical trees.

If you desire a tropical feel to your poolside, and it is in an area where temperatures fall to the freezing point or near-freezing level, you should consider whether you have the ability to transport containers indoors or to a protected place during the colder months. You will need to choose plants that can survive winter in your area.

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Echeveria (Echeveria). Alicia Marie Massie / Getty ImagesEcheveria comes in a number of sizes, colors, and varieties, and is an ideal main plant poolside due to its toughness and drought-resistance, but also because its colors--blues, greys, pinks, and lavenders--complement the blue-green of a pool landscape beautifully. Tip for Caring for Your Plants

  • USDA Growing Areas:Zones 9-12.

  • Sun Exposure Full sun to part shade

  • Soil Requirements: Well Draining

Grapevine (Vitis vinifera) Although this one will not be a landscaping superstar overnight, it could make an amazing focal point for your pool garden. It will produce grapes in addition to large, soft green leaves. Grapevines can be trained to take on many different shapes. They are especially appealing if they are trained over an arbor. This could provide shade near the pool, as well as a place for a table and other amenities. The plant is quite common in the United States, but it can cause damage to trees if not taken care of. Tip for Caring for Your Plants

  • USDA Growing Areas:Zones 6-10.

  • Water More in spring, and less when it ages.

  • Soil needs: Rich, well-drained.

Patio Roses (Rosa) Rose varieties that are new are more difficult than you might think. Look for roses that are easy to care for. Although they should not be placed in areas that are prone to salty or chlorinated water, patio roses can thrive as long as they receive regular watering and lots of sunlight. They will add color and a pleasant fragrance to your pool area. Tip for Caring for Your Plants

  • USDA Growing Areas:Zones 5-9. However, this depends on the rose variety.

  • Sun Exposure Full Sun.

  • Soil needs: Well-drained, slightly acidic.

Rosemary (Salvia rosemarinus) Rosemary is used as a hedge or planter around pools. It's very easy to maintain, thrives in dry, sunny conditions and emits a light, pleasant scent when the sun shines upon it. The plant can overwinter in areas that are frozen (lightly). It can withstand temperatures as low 20 degrees F, but it may die if it is exposed to colder temperatures.