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"Within 30 minutes of working with Tiffany, I was able to play and sing almost any song I wanted! Now, I can easily sing songs and play anything, it makes my day! Thanks Tiffany for changing my life with your lesson!"

- Clara (16), Tempe, AZ

Real Experience, Real Results


Lesson 1: The FUNdamentals


  • 11 Video Lessons

  • 17 Page PDF Course


  • The Trick to Perfect Posture

  • How to Breathe and KNOW you are doing it correctly      (SPOILER ALERT: Your diaphragm has NOTHING to do with it!)

  • Learn how to PLACE your voice for the best resonance

  • My FAVORITE Warm-ups and Exercises to strengthen your vocal cord muscles (ones that ACTUALLY WORK)

  • A couple other surprises :)

Lesson 2: Get Toned


  • 9 Video Lessons

  • 17 Page Course


  • Identify Vocal Flaws in Your Voice

  • How to fix a NASAL voice

  • How to fix a BREATHY voice

  • How to fix a CRACKING voice

  • How to fix a SQUEAKY voice

  • How to fix a HEADCOLD voice

  • How to sing ANY note with EASE

  • More POWER with less STRAIN

  • A couple personal stories

Lesson 3: Increasing Your Range


  • 10 Video Lessons

  • 16 Page Course


  • How to never be afraid of singing ANYTHING

  • How to Expand your range

  • How to USE and STRENGTHEN your BEST chest voice

  • How to USE and STRENGTHEN your HEAD voice

  • How to ACCESS and STRENGTHEN your MIX Voice

  • How to sing from your lowest to highest note WITHOUT A BREAK

  • Examples from 2 UNRELEASED Exclusive Tiffany Houghton songs!

Lesson 4: Tiffany Houghton Song Studies


  • 8 Video Lessons

  • 11 Page Course


  • Break down of vocal technique and never before released stories behind:

    • HIGH by Tiffany Houghton​

    • THE BEST by Tiffany Houghton

    • LOVE LIKE THAT by Tiffany Houghton

    • I'M GONNA LOVE YOU by Tiffany Houghton

    • BREAK ME by Tiffany Houghton

    • PRETTY PRETTY by Tiffany Houghton

  • Real Life Stories of Tiffany Houghton performances and vocal successes and near disasters (the vocal warmups she did in the BILLBOARD Bathroom before her performance on air!)​

Tiffany's 8 Singing Secrets


  • 10 Video Lessons

  • 11 Page Course


  • Tiffany's 8 most valuable singing tips and tricks that she has learned after 8 years as a professional singer

  • Little know vocal secrets and hacks used by Superstar singers across the industry

  • Game changing insights and vocal myth-busting!



Does this sound like you?

"I wish I could sing like Ariana Grande. I guess she was just born with that talent, I can never sing like that."

"Professional voice lessons are so expensive. I wish I could access years of top tier professional vocal training, but I don't have the resources."

"Every singing course is so long! I don't have the time or patience to listen to never-ending warmups or flip through hundreds of pages of complicated singing techniques!"

"I wish someone would just tell me how it is! I just want to learn how to sing, not all the boring complicated stuff!"

You're not alone!

Every day I receive messages from fans who want to improve their singing voices, learn how to make it as a singer, and get no-nonsense singing training from someone who has made it in the music industry! I am so excited to share what I have learned in my professional career as a pop singer and help you improve as a singer, whether your goal is singing in the spotlight or in the shower!

-Tiffany Houghton

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If you’ve ever felt frustrated 
trying to improve  your voice…

Or even confused with HOW to go from good singing to jaw-dropping vocal power and professional sounding tone …


The average amount spent on weekly voice lessons is $4,000 per year!

I have condensed $32,000 in 8 years of voice lessons with some of the top voice talent in the country into something extremely affordable, straight to the point, and accessible for all! Enjoy!  



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